Furnace Cleaning & Inspection

Is annual furnace cleaning & inspection necessary?

A furnace that is not regularly serviced will typically last less time than the same furnace that is regularly maintained. There are no set guidelines by Building and Fire Prevention Municipalities for service intervals on furnaces/heating units. Because of this, it's up to homeowners to be proactive and schedule regular maintenance on their heating system.

A properly operating system can help prevent organic growth buildup in the ductwork, condensation water issues, and potential failures.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is another reason to have your heating system looked at every year. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that could be present in your home without you knowing it! While a CO detector would alert you of the presence of this gas, having a trained technician come out each year to inspect your furnace is very inexpensive insurance against dangerous Carbon Monoxide building up in your home.

  • Most HVAC manufacturers suggest having your furnace inspected once a year and may be required for factory warranty coverage.

At Upstate Air, our annual furnace cleanings carry a 25 point inspection which includes everything from your heat exchanger, burners, flame sensor, gas pressure, blower control, and more.

See Our Entire 25 Point Inspection List.

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